Is 50 too old to learn golf?

A man or woman over the age of 60 can learn to play golf and achieve a good level. In fact, as long as you are reasonably fit and able to swing on a golf club, there is no real upper age limit that prevents anyone from playing the sport. Some of the best players in the world play until they are 60 and over. The good news from the research is that players can still become professionals even in their early 30s.

It was also found that the best years for a golf pro are between 30 and 35, although many players on the tour have shown that they can still win tournaments at 40. Mental and physical abilities begin to decline as humans reach their late 30s, so anyone planning a professional golf career better have received their tourist card by then. Most golf coaches will have dedicated group sessions for older players, so you can learn the game without having to fight with young people. Larry Nelson wasn't an old man by any standard when he learned to play golf, but by the standards of learning the game for the first time, he wasn't young either.

It's great to watch golf on TV or online and you should watch it to try to learn from the players and how they navigate the course. Larry Nelson demonstrated that a 20-year-old can learn and master the game, but the reality is that few players can expect a golf career taking their route to the professional ranks.

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