How to learn golf reddit?

If you're not seeing the ball, you won't hit it. This is, without a doubt, the biggest problem beginners have. Keep watching that ball until your body naturally lifts it. If you want to learn as quickly as possible, start with a 2-hour lesson to cover everything, and then take one lesson per week.

Take a video of each lesson and, between classes, spend as much time as you can practicing everything you were taught. Honestly, this is the best advice here. Once you have the type of clubs you're going to start with, start on the green and work your way up to the tee box. That means starting with putting, then chipping, then pitching, then full swing pitch wedge, and so on until all you need to work is the driver.

Driving to show, put mass. Great link, I would also check out Me%26 My Golf TV on YouTube and they are not listed on their golf swing coaches. So I feel that golf is one of the most difficult sports to learn to play well, even if the person is a talented athlete in general. And I know I'm going to get criticism from people saying that's not what golf is all about, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, but not everyone has the same criteria for what makes a successful day of golf.

Some people are tempted to learn for themselves, and then take lessons to unlearn what they learned on their own.

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