How Much Money Do You Need to Play Golf in India?

Golf is an expensive sport to play regularly, especially in India. A solidly middle-class worker could take home 20,000 rupees a month, yet the cheapest golf club starts around Rs 15,000 and goes up to over Rs 2 lakh. Green fees for non-members start at approximately 1,500 rupees and go up to 6,500 rupees per session in a private or exclusive club. Lifetime membership fees for private clubs can be up to INR 58 lakhs.

Even sportswear is expensive, from trendy hats to polo shirts. A single entry to tournaments for beginners can cost INR 5,000 excluding transportation costs. A complete golf set can range from 25,000 to 5 lakhs, depending on sophistication. In India, there are many beautiful golf courses that offer a variety of experiences.

The DLF Golf Course in Gurgaon is a championship level course with five artificial lakes that give the place a touch of natural beauty. The Oxford Golf Course in Pune is spread over 7228 yards with 18 holes and par 72, and provides all golfers with fun and challenges at all levels. The Boulder Hill Countryside in Bangalore is an 18-hole, par-72 golf course that extends up to 7,100 yards designed by Pacific Coast Design, Australia. The Gulmarg Golf Course in Kashmir is a stunningly beautiful course with a length of 6148 with 18 holes and par 70.

The Kodaikanal Golf Course in Tamil Nadu has almost 600 members and extends to a length of 6,426 yards with 18 holes and par 71. The Bombay Presidency Golf Club in Mumbai was designed by British champion Peter Thompson and went through a major redesign by Nelson & Haworth. It has a length of 6148 with 18 holes and par 70. Golfers need a handicap certificate to play on a golf course. This certificate can be obtained by joining a golf development program or taking classes from a golf coach or instructor. There are many golf courses and coaches available across India; a simple web search will usually return the name of one in your city.

Once you have identified golf facilities in your city or near your city, call or visit them for information on golf classes and training. At DLF Golf and Country Club, one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Asia-Pacific, there has been an increase in demand for membership and regular use by existing members. To make the game more accessible to the common man, there is an effort to organize golf development programs so that people can learn without discrimination and get the best training. Plan your trip with experts and get the best deals on golf courses across India!.

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